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To any that might be looking to join Lost Worlds - you must, *must* submit a character application before you will be accepted or allowed to join the group. Period. If you're looking to just lurk and watch the events, and don't wish to join the rp/apply, simply send me a message on one of my messenger handles (preferably Y!M so that if I'm not around, the message will be recorded) or write an email addressing such - in this situation, admittance into the group will be allowed, but no posts will be tolerated unless it is into the out of character community.

Edit: Ah ha.. I shouldn't be allowed to type when I'm tired - for all the typos I have yet to catch, I apologize.

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The Dark City

The Dark City is the largest part of The World That Never Was, emcompassing nearly the entire planet in a city shrouded in darkness. The streets are nothing short of a pure maze, winding this way and that, almost without reason - illuminated only by the pale lights coming from within the tall buildings that take up every inch of free space. Overall, the city gives one a claustrophic feeling, all the structures tightly woven together and seemingly abandoned despite the light - the only company to be found are the massive swarms of Heartless that flock the streets vying one another for the hearts of those unfortunate enough to stumble upon that dark world.

Points of interest of the City are the entry way into the Thirteenth Order's headquarters, The Castle That Never Was, and the portal leading to Betwixt and Between - otherwise the place remains dark and desolate despite the glittering lights.
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The Castle That Never Was

Much like the Castle Oblivion in which six of the Organization XIII's members conducted studies upon the heart and the memories embedded within it - the Order's headquarters, located within the stomping grounds of the Nobodies, The World That Never Was, is a pristine white. The entire castle aglow in a thousand shades of white, gray and black - mechanical humming ever present in the near silence of the expansive building's echoing halls. The complex, though seemingly completely utilitarian and mechanical at first glance, possess a sense of artistry and flourish, the perfunctonary designs aesthetically pleasing despite the utter frigidness of it all.
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The World That Never Was

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Time Warp
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Mhn.. I almost had something important to say, but as it is, I simply wish to encourage everyone to join lost_worlds_ooc which will be our out of character community board - thus meaning, any rant, random idea, joke, general grievance against your oh-so-hateful mods, whatever - is to be posted there. And as it is, most of the moderators' messages to the group will begin to be posted there rather than here unless it is utterly important.

Oh, and on side a side note, a random person has been adding our character journals, so I would suggest friend-locking them, but as it is, it isn't a requirement.

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Twilight Town ~ Sunset Terrace

Sunset Terrace is another division of Twilight Town. Many of the residents here prefer to stay outside and enjoy the sights. While it may not have many entertainment facilities, six of the seven 'Wonders of Twilight Town' are rumored to be located here, prompting many to come in search of them.

This area is mostly streets that run between the houses of the many people who live there. The only places really worth visiting are the tunnelway and Sunset Hill. The tunnelway leads to a secluded area that can be used as a good place to practice training. Sunset Hill provides a gorgeous view of the train tracks and environment that surrounds Sunset Terrace.
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Twilight Town Mansion~ Laboratory

Unlike the dilapidated facade of the old mansion's upper levels, laboratory hidden beneath it, is very far from decrepit - machines of silver with haunting touches the blinding white of Castle Oblivion line the walls, the world is held in a constant hum of mechanical whirls and clicks even when all else is silent. The corridors are dark and narrow, cluttered with various equipment of unknown purposes - perhaps to study to the city whose edge the mansion sits upon, perhaps to gaze into the abyss of the rest of the universe- only the inhabitants seem to know, but even then, such knowledge its privy to many.

And while it might seem a maze with its twisting corridors and echoing expanses, there are few rooms of actual interest - one being the room in which a series of computers line an entire corner, various monitors and keyboards aglow: images of Twilight Town flickering across the glassy virtual portals - another being a singular room devoted only to the containment of a single pod, looking for all the world like a rosebud made of pure ivory. There are other mechanical flowers within the halls, some occupied and alight with a soft florescent glow, others dark and silent...
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Twilight Town ~ The Old Mansion

An old, decrepit mansion stands by itself, surrounded by thick forests. The majority of the mansion is hidden behind a brick wall that surrounds the building, but the gate is open. The lock and chain lying on the ground next to it shows that this was once locked away.

Inside the gate is a lawn overflowing with unkept weeds and grasses, and the remains of once-tall pillars jut up from the ground. There are only two places to go out here; back outside to the forest, or inside, to the inner mansion.

Inside the dilapidated mansion is a large, two level foyer room - stair cases are on either side of the room, leading up to a hallway that stretches across the room. There are two doors on the top floor, and two doors on the bottom floor.

On ground floor, the door to the left is blocked by debris from the mansion. Straight across from the front door are two glass sliding doors, leading out to a courtyard. The doors are locked, but one can make out the faint outline of a statue through the dusty glass. The last door, to the right, leads to the dinning room, furnished with only a large broken table and a few dressers.

On the upper floor, both doors are open. The door to the left leads to the mysterious White Room, where drawings of various people and machines are littered about. The rumor around Twilight Town is that a young girl can be seen in this room. A ghost perhaps? The door to the right leads to the library. However, besides from a strip of floor that leads to a staircase, the ground in the library has disappeared, leading down into a laboratory.

OOC: When you reply, the subject should be where your character currently is/exploring. A generalization is fine when you're just looking around, but put 'White Room' or 'Inside Mansion' to give us an idea where you are.
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Twilight Town ~ Train Station

The Train Station, just as its name obviously applies is a train station - one which overlooks almost the entire city, the view offered just a short distance before the staircase leading up into the glass entryway of the ticket booth. The station, which is rather large in and of itself, leads to a number of places, most notably Yen Sid's Tower, via a magical train, and the Sunset Terrace, where the seven wonders of Twilight Town lurk. Overall, the place isn't the most impressive of buildings, but with all of the activity of the trains going to and fro various sections of the city, it is one of the busiest for the rather sleepy town.
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Twilight Town ~ Sandlot

This lot is a place of excitement for the people of Twilight Town. The Struggle Challenges are held here, and sparring matches of all kinds take place often. Benches on two sides of the sandlot face inwards, allowing the spectators comfortable places to rest while watching the matches. Seifer and his gang are usually spotted here or skulking about in the back alley nearby.

At the front of the arena is the Struggle sign-up sheet. There are almost always many contestants participating in the Struggle matches. The rules are posted up on the walls and tips for defeating your opponents are hung alongside them. There is usually a promoter for the matches around to explain the rules to anyone who wishes to enter the tournament.
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Twilight Town ~ The Usual Spot

The Usual Spot is where Hayner and his friends are usually spotted. This 'special' area is just off of the back alley, and the entrance is covered by a tattered red cloth. The trio doesn't offer take kindly to strangers busting into their hang out.

Inside, there isn't really much. A red couch, a few chairs, and a couple of boxes make up the majority of this place. Random junk is scattered on the ground, and there is a trash can filled mostly with ice cream sticks in a corner. On the wall hangs a dart board with darts sticking out of it. The darts read 'Hayner'. On each wall, there are posters tacked up; some advertising Struggle, but most are 'Welcome to Twilight Town' flyers.
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Twilight Town ~ General

This is just the streets of Twilight Town. You can get to anyplace in the city through this area. The streets are all brick, and there are no cars anywhere in the city. The only form of transportation besides the trains is the tram that goes along through the longest stretches of street.

Spread out along these streets are the different shops, and the citizens of Twilight Town. Many people apply for jobs in this area as well.
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